Let it

Believe everything happens for a reason. If you get a chance, take it. If it changes your life, let it.”
Harvey MacKay

Thursday, December 31, 2015

2015 in Review: Yep, one of those.

Wow 2015. Just wow.
How to I sum up the lowest lows and the highest highs all in one blogpost? I thought 2014 was gutsy, but you.... you just took everything and ran with it.
What happened? Let's break it down.

- The impromptu trip to Moab that changed EVERYTHING. My first significant running distance on my ankle hardware. I ran with Jenna for the first time... this would prove to be incredibly significant in the year to come. The sunset at Fisher Towers that cracked open my depressive cage and set magical things into motion.

- AcroYoga came back into my life. Bryan and Ashlee and all the acro community. They have helped to build my confidence while keeping me humble and connected.
- I began getting back out on the trails in earnest, hitting up Ogden's Waterfall Canyon with Aaron.
- The first annual Wasatch Mountain Wrangler Formal was a huge success and one of the funnest nights of my life thus far.

Aaron made the year in review video and I still just die of love and laughter every time I watch it!

- Got back on the climbing wall for the first time since my accident.
- Replaced my oven... because it died a drawn out and silly death.
- Siri turned 5!
- Saia turned 10 and reached his goal of running 5 miles on Antelope Island!
- Arya turned 7!
- We camped out at "The Wedge" at the San Raphael Swell with a bunch of Wrangler friends and family, and I put in a good 12 miles with Craig and Jenna- two of my favorite people.

- Our boys and Arya earned their first belt promotions in their homeschool Karate class.
- Aaron ran the Buffalo Run 50 miler in 8:04.
- I ran the Buffalo 25k in... well, it was slow, and it hurt like hell, and I cried my way across the finish line and into the arms of some pregnant lady I didn't know, but I finished it. It was a major moment of victory for me.
Renee came out to surprise me and keep me company, which meant so much!

- Ended up in the hospital with a horribly painful kidney stone. The required CT scan saved my life. Was diagnosed with liver lesions, and a life-threatening 7 year old rogue IUD.
- Washing machine died just as my kids all got the stomach flu and I was down and out. My neighbors took pukey laundry loads home and returned them clean. My amazing cousin bought us a new washer out of the blue. I am so blessed.
- Had my first MRI. It was terrifying and extremely expensive. It confirmed that my liver lesions were benign and of no current threat to my health. Huge relief.
- I left my job at Mountainland Physical Therapy and went on their PRN list. I can never thank them enough for helping me heal. And for allowing me to help others heal. It was a huge part of my recovery.
- Had lithotripsy to break up my kidney stone, and spent some painful, groggy, wheezy, medicated weeks passing the pieces.
- Aaron's brother Nick married Marin. Their wedding was gorgeous and fun, and a welcome distraction from the mess of my health issues. Managed to look pretty despite feeling half-human. And my kids had matching outfits.

- Took a family trip to Zion while we waited for my scheduled surgery. Aaron and buddies ran the traverse. The kids and I met them at the end with treats and Dew. We stayed in the vacation home of wonderful friends Greg and Janet and had an incredible family experience in Zion National Park and the surrounding area (Toquerville Falls!).

- Aaron turned 36!

- Our minivan bit the dust.
- I spent time enjoying the little things. Tea parties with my girls, reading aloud to my kids, resting.
- I chopped off 18 inches of hair. Beware the woman who cuts off her hair. Her life is about to change.
- Had a pre-op appointment that confirmed the plan to have a laparoscopic hysterectomy and scared the crap out of me. Threw a tantrum, screamed and cried a bunch, then went running, and put my big girl panties on.
- Exchanged my big girl panties for a hospital gown, woke up from anesthesia to the shock of having had emergency open abdominal surgery. The rogue IUD had been absorbing into my bowel and had it not been found I would have been dead of sepsis within a year. It was a miracle I had made it this long. I was in shock, and grateful. Poor, traumatized Aaron. We both had a lot of psychological recovery to do. Jenna, Matt and Alicia came to get me through my hospital stay. I will always be grateful. It meant the world.

- Faced the reality of recovery and PTSD. Hit some of the deepest lows. Lost all optimism. Reached out in desperation and was lifted. My friends were my angels.
- Talon turned 13!
-Volunteered at the Bryce 100, running the Pink Cliffs Aid Station with Matt, Alicia, Aaron and friends. We camped out in the freezy freaky weather and I cooked pretty much nonstop. It was amazing. I loved every second.

- Started moving again. Got back to the trails a little at a time.
- Spent mucho sanity time with Jenna. Gosh, she saved me.
- Went on a spontaneous campout family reunion in Heber with my parents and siblings. Paddle boarded for the first time. Watched my brothers teach my boys to fish, and my boys catch their first fish!
-Decided it was time to fight. Gave anxiety and depression strong notice that they weren't in charge anymore.
- Went back to yoga.
- Aaron attempted the WURL (Wasatch Ultimate Ridge Linkup), and almost finished on his first attempt. The friends who he went to support, Jennilyn and MVH, went on to finish.
- Summited Sardine Peak with Aaron for my first summit since my shattered ankle.
- Replace dying van with our 2009 Aspen.
- Aaron was asked to leave his job of 12.5 years. This was a hard blow, but a blessing in disguise.
- Summited Mt Aire with Jenna

- Went back to AcroYoga
- Attended a backbend workshop to celebrate my 1 year ankle anniversary.

- Talon, Saia and Arya earned their 2nd belt promotions in Karate.
- Summited Mt. Superior with Jenna

- Volunteered at the Speedgoat 50k with Aaron and friends. I really love volunteering at races.
- We camped out in the Tushar Mountains and crewed/cheered Aaron and so many friends at the crazy tough Tushars 93k. Yet another Wrangler Party!
- Attended Outdoor Retailer.
- Celebrated our 14th Anniversary! I'm so lucky to have Aaron!
- Aaron accepted a position with Oracle in Lehi, UT.
- We went to HAWAII!!! Through the heaven-led generosity of our dear friend Dean, we were able to visit my parents on Oahu and have the most beautiful, appreciated vacation ever! We made the most of beaches, waterfalls and mountains, we climbed banyan trees, we snorkeled with a sea turtle, we boogie boarded, we ate from food trucks and local joints and loved every second of our time there. There was no better place I could have celebrated my 33rd birthday!

- Aaron started work at Oracle.
-Finished off August with stitches to Saia's head. :P
- More family hikes and homeschooling.
- Took a day trip to Bear Lake with family.
- Took a spontaneous trip to Lake Powell with Jenna (Aaron is the very best husband for letting me go!) Stayed on a Houseboat with our friend Jen and her amazing family. Soaked up so much sun and water. Made the most of the trip home through Capitol Reef.

- Crewed Kenzie through the Bear 100. Aaron paced his brother Matt for 15 miles. Had an amazing weekend cheering and helping friends and absolutely loving their company.
- My cute girlies got their ears pierced.
- Signed up to run the Antelope Canyon 55k in February. I'm scared spitless... and so excited.
- Summited Gold Ridge with Aaron.

- Summited Sunset Peak with Jenna

- Earned my High White Belt in Tae Kwon Do.
- Summited Pfeifferhorn with Jenna and Ashley

- Attended the CHVRCHES concert with Aaron, Jenna, Merete, MVH, Brent and his darling daughter. So awesome.
- Made out with Autumn
- Practically made out with Jenna
- Absolutely made out with Aaron
- Summited Olympus on Halloween morning, dressed as a mermaid... with a bazillion Wranglers in costume. So much fun!
-Summited Big Baldy with Jenna

- Summited Gold Ridge again... with Jenna

- Listed the house for sale.
- Our boys earned their third belt promotions in Karate.
- Went as a family to Monument Valley with Ultra Adventures and TAUR friends to perform service for Navajo families there. We slept in a hogan, re-mudded a sweat lodge, ran up a mesa, tore down a condemned house, helped finish up a building interior, worked on trails, installed composting toilets and solar panels, and rebuilt a sheep pen. We rubbed shoulders with the salt of the earth. We met Annie and Brad (this would prove significant).

- Summited Grandeur with Jenna.
- Summited Frary Peak on Antelope Island with Aaron and Miju

- Siri earned her first karate promotion.
- Summited (snicker) Meridian Peak and Ensign Peak with Aaron (for his hundredth peak this year!)
- Started adventuring with Annie. She gets me. We laugh... a lot.
- Sprained my shoulder and tore the labrum in a freak AcroYoga accident. C'est la vie!
- Summited (heehee) Flag Rock to hide my Secret Wrangler gift.
-Aaron and I summited Cave Peak in a blizzard with 80 mph and thigh deep drifts to try to find our Secret Wrangler Gifts. We did not succeed!
-Annie, Brad and I summited Cave Peak AGAIN, with snow shoes in 13 degree temps, to succeed in finding the gifts. There was much laughter. It was worth it.
-Snowventured up Lamb's Canyon to find Jenna's gift. Laughed so hard.
-Snowventured up Millcreek Canyon with Brad, Annie and Andrew to find Andrew's gift. It was amazing.

- Snowventured to summit Avenues Twin Peaks with Brad, Annie, and Aaron to find Annie's gift partway up Little Black. Again with the laughter and awe.
- Spent my last day of 2015 snowventuring up Mueller Park with Aaron.

452+ miles
95,500+ feet of elevation
125+ hours of mountain time

Looking back on this year overwhelms me. I am so blessed!! So much has happened. None of us are the same people we were when this year began. There has been more pain, sadness, joy, laughter, love and change than I ever could have imagined. So much is still up in the air. We are poised for so much more change in 2016.

More than anything, I am grateful. I LOVE our life!!!
May you and yours make the most of your stories as they happen. Don't accept excuses, and be champions of your own happiness. Happy New Year!!
So much love,